Data Marketing Lab

Our topics of interest include

Pricing Analytics

A complete price optimization strategy based on a comprehensive measurement designs that show price based risks and opportunities for your brand.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

We will help you improve your Marketing compaigns efficiency and profitabilityby pinpointing the level of marketing activity required to maximize your sales and profit and minimize costs

Customer Experience Analytics

We will help you identify the most effective approaches to customer retention, churn analysis, and loyalty programs.

Brand Equity Analysis

Monitoring and measuring the market position of your brand is important to ensure your brand contributes positively to sales and growth, as well as project the direction of future business growth and stability in the marketplace.

Our Services

Our process for delivering awesome projects
  • 1. Data Connexion

    We Connect to Multiple Data Sources.

  • 2. Data Manipulation

    We Wrangle Data, clean it, handle multiple formats and deal with missing values

  • 3. Modelling and Machine Learning

    We Model the data, apply Machine learning algorithms, to unveil hidden Patterns

  • 4. Data Visualization

    Communicate Information clearly and efficiently via plots and information graphics.


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    Our process on creating awesome projects.

    Our web design team will spend time with our digital marketing team.

    John Marshall

    Our web design team will spend time with our digital marketing team.

    Steve Roberts

    Our web design team will spend time with our digital marketing team.

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